Looking back on my first open-source project: Mollie API

It’s been about 8 months since I released the first version of Mollie API. The Mollie API was my first very own open source project and it has been great to see it grow so fast in features and community.

At this moment it has been downloaded a whopping 1238 times, which is alot more than I expected. In total I have released 13 versions in the past 8 months, so that’s about 1.5 versions per month.

I have done most of the work myself, but there have been five contributers on GitHub that have fixed bugs and added features to the Mollie API, for which I am very gratefull.

Maintaining an open-source library is fun!

Overall it has been a fun and learnfull expierence for me. I’ve gained experience on how to maintain an open-source library, handling support requests and handling valueable contributions from other GitHub users.

I have even gotten a offer to do some freelance work, because someone had seen the Mollie API code and was so impressed they wanted to hire me. A great compliment!

Mollie API: Commit overview
Mollie API: Commit overview
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